Laptop Reviews – Macbook Pro 2018

It is always exciting when a major company releases a new tech product. It is even more exciting when Apple is the company and a new laptop is what they have released.

So many of us have been eagerly waiting for the new Macbook Pro, as we wanted Apple to get with the times. They were behind the PC market by a whole generation, in terms of the computer chips that are in the laptops. Now we are back up there with the PCs in terms of the eighth generation Intel chips.

New Intel Chips

What you get from this package is a Macbook Pro that is much faster than its predecessor. At every price level, you have performance improvements. You have the option of the i5, i7 or even the i9 chips from Intel.

Throttling Problems?

There were some early issues regarding throttling with the i9 chips, because the laptop was not able to cool down the processor sufficiently. But it appears Apple have released a Mac OS update that took care of the problem. Now we are seeing the i9 laptops able to maintain the base frequency of the processor without any problems. It is good to see.

Macbook or Macbook Pro?

Those who need a laptop for basic usage, such as word processing, browsing the internet and consuming media, should look to the Macbook line. Those laptops are fast enough and offer incredible portability.

The Macbook Pro is great for someone who wants to do photo and/or video editing, more intense processing tasks and some gaming. While the Macbook Pro will never be a great gaming laptop, as Mac OS is behind Windows on the gaming front, you can play games like Fortnite without a problem.

If you were to ask us for our overall thoughts, we would say that Apple have done a good job with the Macbook Pro. It is a quality laptop that is going to serve most people very nicely.

While it is on the pricey side, it is part and parcel with Apple! You are paying a premium and getting a quality laptop that will last for years.