There are always dramatic proclamations about how the latest internet speed is going to change the world. When we went from 3G to 4G, people were talking as if we were getting some dramatic change in the way smartphones were used.

And the truth is that we did see some changes. 4G brought us much better speed, to the point where people are able to stream videos using their data connection on the phone. But if you were to ask most people who regularly use smartphones for internet-heavy tasks, they would say they try to get on Wi-Fi as much as they can.

Even though we have 4G LTE speeds that are very fast, Wi-Fi is generally better. And even the Wi-Fi that you get in public places or coffee shops will be faster, even though that is never the best quality internet either.

What will 5G Bring?

When we look at 5G, we are looking at speeds that will be unlike anything we have seen before. 5G is not just the jump from 3G to 4G. It is more like the jump from GPRS to 4G! It is a gigantic leap in internet speed that will render most other connections useless.

We are already hearing people talk about how the internet connection that we get to our home will start to become obsolete. Why? Because the 5G connection that you get through your phone will be faster! 5G is giving you speeds that are comparable to gigabit internet, which is only available to a very, very small percentage of people in countries like the United States.

But unlike gigabit, 5G is wireless and will be available in a much wider span of land. It is not only going to change the way the average person browses the internet, but it is also going to change the world for businesses.

5G and the Medical Industry

One of the major ways that 5G will impact the world is through the medical industry. You may have read about how doctors are able to use robotic arms to perform surgeries. In the current state, the doctor must be present on the location to manually control the arms.

With the low latency and high speed nature of 5G, we will soon reach a point where doctors can do that same surgery with robotic arms while they are hundreds of miles away.

We are headed for exciting times in the IT and mobile sectors. We are going to see internet speeds in 2019 and 2020 that we have never seen before. Within a few years, we will be getting 5G internet on our smartphones and into our homes as well.q